The Korean Society Fishries And Sciences Education

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The Journal of the Korean Society for Fisheries and Marine Sciences Education - Vol. 32 , No. 3
1. p.639 Processing and Quality Characteristics of Porridge Powder of Agricultural and Fishery Complex Using Extrusion Collet
Sang-Ho LEE, Ryeong-Won KWON, Hee-Bum JUNG, Gi-Jeong HA, Tae-Jong SEONG, Hae-Soo JE, Ho-Dong YOON, Jeong-Gyun KIM

3. p.665 Feeding Ecology of Octopus minor in the Mud Flats
Seok-Nam KWAK, Sung-Soo KIM, Kwang-Sup LEE, Seung-Min JUNG, Jin-Muk KANG